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Practice Notes for Sunday, August 11

We formally started working from our L’Ange study guide today. Everyone will get one in class, but if you want higher resolution images you can download from our handouts page.

Today we covered chapter 2 through exercise 6 (page 22). We’ll be reviewing it again next week, then continuing on through the end of chapter 2.

I recommend everyone read ahead and be ready with any questions you may have.


We’re starting to add more rapier sparring to the curriculum. If you want to spar with steel, you must get an appropriate jacket. Those without jackets may only participate in drills and slow-play.

Jackets are optional, but recommended, for sparring with synthetics.


The HEMA Alliance has updated their safety standards. For your convenience, a copy of the HEMA Alliance Safety Policy is in our handouts page.

As an affiliated club, we are obligated to adhere to their rules, though in some cases we are stricter so to also be compatible with other local clubs. Of important note is how they define levels of sparring:

* Slow-Play​: Sparring done at slow-speeds as a form of practice rather than as a

form of competition.

* Free-Play​: Sparring done as a form of practice rather than as a form of

competition. Faster than slow-play, but not at earnest speeds.

* Competitive/Earnest Sparring​: Sparring whose purpose is adversarial and

outcome-oriented, tending to be more intense than free-play.

Unless you are using full tournament quality gear, you should not be sparring at the “Competitive/Earnest Sparring” level. If you are interested in that level of intensity, talk with Jonathan about equipment requirements.


April is now offering private Pilates lessons. This is separate from the club, but she likes us so she’s only charging $40 for a 50-minute class. (And yes, it will be indoors so no itchy grass!)

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