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Longsword Practice: Lots of Schielhauw and Zwerch

All of the drills we did tonight were in your Level 2 handout.

For reference, here are the page numbers and links for more information.

Chapter 3, Schielhauw – Squinting Cut, page 17

Art of Combat, Book 1, Part 3, just before the “Counter Against the Squinter”

Chapter 5, Exercise 8 – Attacking High and Low with a Schielhauw and a Zwerch, Page 29

Art of Combat: Book 1, Chapter 10, Pattern 9 (1.29v.3)

Chapter 5, Exercise 9 – Attacking Low and High with a Zwerch and a Schneller, Page 30

Art of Combat: Book 1, Chapter 10, Pattern 10 (1.29v.4)

Chapter 5, Exercise 2 Running Off with Looping and a Schielhauw, Page 26

Art of Combat: Book 1, Chapter 10, Pattern 5 (1.29r.2)

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